From the recording Island Girl Reflections

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Oh I'm leaving now on the south bound train now. Just gotta get away. I'm going underground, you can't stop me now, and I may be gone for days, OH! I may be gone for many a day!
Oh the train rolls up hear the whistle blow, sounds like freedom calling to my soul, 'cause I can't take no more no more. Gotta go where I know that I can be alone.
Oh I ain't been to the doctor 'cause I know what he'd say, that this hair of mine is gonna turn to grey, I'm gonna simmer down I'm gonna cool off for a while, I ain't coming back until I come with a smile, oh - I ain't coming back without a reason to smile.
Oh! I ain't gone forever just until it's through. This blowing over hurricane that follows us two. I ain't gone forever don't you worry or fret. I'll be back rolling on in just when you least expect.
Don't know when I'm coming home, don't know how I'll get there, all I know is I got to go, although I don't know where. Although I don't know where.